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Health is an invaluable treasure. Therefore, to stay healthy, people are willing to do anything. All the methods that have been done, both medical and non-medical, from logical ones to supernatural ones, are the various efforts made by many people from various circles to stay healthy or regain their health.

Often the method that is done costs a lot of money and sometimes even collides with various norms and logic. But keeping yourself healthy is not difficult, and sometimes it doesn’t cost anything at all. But of course, kits need extra patience and diligence, because only a few people can stay consistent with them.

How to maintain health so that we don’t get sick easily are often sought after by those of us who are highly busy. Active people are more susceptible to various diseases than people who have little mobility. Therefore it is very important for us who are active to pay attention to their health.

Because people who have a high level of activity will tire easily. When the body is tired or tired, the immune system will weaken, and when the immune system is weakened, various diseases can enter the body. Even people who are busy with work will find it difficult to regulate their sleep patterns so that when someone has a little sleep at night they will be susceptible to various diseases due to lack of sleep. Not only that, people with high levels of activity are often exposed to stress, where stress is the main cause of various serious illnesses.

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy body or a healthy way of life that we can use as a reference so that the body remains fit and healthy and is always happy in life.

Maintain personal and environmental hygiene as well as the hygiene of food and beverages

Maintaining personal and environmental hygiene is an absolute must if you want to stay healthy and fit. There are so many bacteria, germs, and viruses around us that have the potential to be a source of disease. Get used to living clean to avoid contamination by bacteria and harmful germs.

One is washing hands before eating. To minimize disease in the body, we must wash our hands properly before eating. It has been known beforehand that germs can easily enter the body. The germs will later cause various kinds of health problems.

There are many dangers if we don’t wash our hands before eating, one of which is that it will cause stomach upset. Some people get sick easily even though they often wash their hands before eating, this could be because the person does not know how to wash hands properly and is sterile so that the germs are still stuck on the hands.

Washing hands is not arbitrary, especially if it is fast, but we also have to know how to properly wash your hand. Washing your hands must also be with antiseptic soap, the function of this soap is to kill germs and bacteria in human hands.

Living healthy and clean is something that must be done in the environment around you. So don’t be lazy to clean the house. Make sure the room we occupy is in a clean condition and free of dust. Don’t forget to use a mask when cleaning the room.

And no less important, we must pay attention to the cleanliness of food and beverages and ensure that the food we eat is free of germs and viruses. It is safer if we cook our food at home and don’t get used to snacks carelessly.

Always make sure the food and drinks that we consume are in clean conditions and have been processed in the right way, have passed the pasteurization process according to standards. Pasteurization is the process of heating food to kill microbes. Also, pay attention to food and beverage ingredients, make sure to avoid food intake that can harm health.

Exercise regularly

At least every morning try to exercise regularly. We can exercise such as jogging or cycling with using selis electricity cycle. Or at least walk more. By starting to get used to walking, little by little it will be useful to burn calories in the body.

Based on the explanation of experts that walking can burn about 180 calories per minute. For example, when you want to go to a shop that is close to you, just do it on foot, don’t ride a motorbike, so besides being healthy it also saves on gasoline costs. Also, avoid sitting too long because it can make your body tire quickly. This method is proven to be very effective for maintaining the health and fitness of our bodies.

For those of us who don’t have heart disease, we can exercise vigorously for 30 minutes a day. And for people who already have heart problems, how to maintain a healthy body to stay fit can do light exercise for 15 minutes and according to their ability to keep their bodies from getting sick easily. sport can be used to improve blood circulation and burn fat in the body.

Without exercise, the fat in the body cannot be burned completely so that the fat will still stick to the blood vessels causing the narrowing of the blood vessels. And fat can also stick to the heart so that it can cause heart attacks. Therefore, exercise is important to keep the body healthy.